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Angela debates mud

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

fern-brittonAngela pitched up on? Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show today – well actually, Fern Britton was standing in for JV – to debate whether children enjoy country walks when the rain hammers down and everyone gets very muddy.

Not the most rivetting of topics maybe – others were Gordon Brown, dyslexia and the murder of Gurmail Singh.?But my, how people held vastly different opinions on the subject.?

Click here?and scroll to 90 minutes into the programme.

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Victim of a love rat?

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

ratHave you been the victim of a love rat ?

Well here is your chance to get even.

A Sunday newspaper is looking for love rat real life stories for 2010.

The conditions are that you mustn`t have spoken to another national newspaper. And the paper will need to have contact details of the love rat and also photos of the two of you together.

If the question’s “How do I sell my story?” then the answer’s just a click away.

Email or call John or Angela on 0161 660 9404.

Sell That Story on TV

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

cutting-edgeWatch out for Angela?s debut on Channel 4 on Thursday (4 March, 9pm)? in a Cutting Edge??documentary.

It?s called When My Daughter Grew Another Head and Other True Life Stories, and it examines the enduring appeal of real life stories in newspapers and magazines.??

More than 11 million people read true life magazines every week. The TV cameras followed Angela as she worked on the sort of stories they crave.

If you?re wondering ?How do I sell my story?? please click here and we guide you through the simple process.

Addicted to high heels?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

high-heelsEveryone has a story to sell, and every week we deal with magazines, newspapers and even TV companies.

These are top of their WANTED lists this week:

♦ Under-13s addicted to wearing high heels, or who shop for heels with their mum.

A researcher from a TV company is looking at the effect wearing high heels are having on young people’s feet. “I’m looking for under-13s who are already wearing heels,” she said, “as well as anyone under 16 who has had a bad accident while wearing heels that has caused them permanent damage or to have to have an operation.”

♦ A weekly magazine wants a woman in her 20s who had cosmetic surgery to win back her ex-boyfriend. She’ll get paid, plus a photo shoot with hair, make-up and styling.

♦ A Sunday newspaper supplement is looking for a woman who was a surrogate for her own daughter and a mum who donated an organ to her own daughter.

For their Mothers’ Day issue they want:

1. A woman who was a surrogate for her own daughter or a woman who has frozen her eggs to give to her daughter.

2. A woman who donated an organ to her daughter (who can be an adult or a child).

Both mum (under 50) and daughter must milf porn be identified and photographed.

♦ And finally a tabloid daily newspaper is following up on a survey by netmums which found women are having less sex than last year – but their romps are now wilder.

They need people who are willing to be named and photoraphed, ideally aged 20 – 40 and working.

If you’re any – or all (!) – of the above, contact us NOW.

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True love for Edith, 84, and Joseph, 92

Sunday, February 14th, milf videos 2010

goldenoldies0001Here”s a heart-warmer for Valentine”s Day, courtesy of SellThatStory. It”s in today”s Sunday People, in their Take It Easy magazine.

Joseph Gadion, 92, was the “Casanova” of the day centre for the elderly in Manchester. It was Edith Black, 84, who caught his eye.

He”d been married before, for 59 years, and she for 50, but they were both happy to prove age was no barrier for their love.

Do you have an amazing love story?  Email us at

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Chat about chat line work?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

♦ A women’s magazine is looking for women of any age who work for adult phone lines – maybe to fit in with kids  ot because they’re retired – and who don’t mind talking about why they do it.

♦ A tabloid newspaper wants to interview a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence and whose attacker has been convicted.

It’s a sensitive one, we appreciate, but believe the interviewee will be well compensated for lesbian porn their time. So if you have a story to sell and tell then let us know.

♦ A quality broadsheet is looking to interview a recent graduate  working as a fundraiser or similar in the charity or voluntary sector.  It follows a report showing big fall in vacancies here, despite a general improvement in the graduate jobs market.

email us at

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Four boys, desperate for a girl?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Another busy week with a shed load of requests for stories from newspapers and magazines.

A national newspaper is looking for women who have suffered gender disappointment. Last week’s Cutting Edge TV programme featured women who have had four or more boys and are longing for a girl.  The newpaper is looking for others in a similar situation.

A weekly women’s magazine is looking for spooky love stories, such as a woman who found love through a psychic, tarot reader, astrologist.

A tabloid newspaper wants to hear from ordinary women in situations similar to the partners of John Terry and Avram Grant – women whose partners may have slept either with a friend or with a prostitute.

Ideally one would have forgiven her partner  the other wouldn’t.

Please email us at

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Do you make do and mend?

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Are you a family who survive on a low income and do not claim any benefits? In that case a top-selling weekly magazine wants to hear from you. Ideally a couple with reasonably

young children who could chat about how they plan their budget and how they come up with novel ways to ‘make do and mend’. “How do I sell my story?” It’s just a click away with


John Terry: Should he stay or go?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

john-terryThis week’s newspapers and magazines have been crammed with the details of England Captain John Terry and his complicated love life.

But should the skipper stay or go ? Angela tackles this very subject in her weekly column for the Manchester Evening News.

Take a peek and let us know your thoughts . . .

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